4D’s Eco Credentials – green at heart

On the basis of eco-credentials, buses are generally much more efficient than cars because they get the job done en-mass and efficiently. Data centres like ours are the buses of the internet superhighway (except we have to negotiate larger volumes of traffic).

In the same way that a ‘petrol mini-bus’ may be less efficient than a ‘diesel double-decker’, not all data centre providers can claim to be as eco-friendly as one another. At 4D, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, which is why you’ll not only find green inspiration at the heart of our logo, but also at the heart of our data centres.

More than recycling cardboard (though we do that too)

Just in the same way that we’re constantly pushing the technical boundaries of our core network, we’re always on the lookout for new technologies which improve the efficiency of our Surrey data centre, Sirius 2, and in turn reduce the carbon footprint of your equipment. Our green initiatives include:

  • Early adopters of fresh-air and adiabatic cooling technology, giving an all year average PUE of 1.14
  • Cold aisle containment as standard in all data centres
  • Blanking plates and floor grommets in all racks
  • State of the art UPSs with line-interactive / ‘Smart Active’ efficiency of up to 98,5%
  • High intensity, low energy LED lighting throughout the building
  • PIR-activated lighting in halls and walkways

We’re also in the process of designing and installing the latest evaporative cooling technology which we believe will drive a 75% improvement in the efficiency of our air-conditioning systems.  Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, but we’ll also be harnessing one of Britain’s most famous natural resources – slightly overcast weather.

All that cardboard

You’d be surprised at how much packaging accompanies a full rack of servers – it’s a lot. Unlike a lot of data centres that force you to take it home with you, as long as you leave your empty packaging in our unpacking area, we’ll sort it, crush it and recycle it for you. Convenient and green.