Threat Monitoring 
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4D Threat Management & Vulnerability Scanning tools and services to proactively protect your business, applications and data.

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Threat Monitoring

When your business has our managed firewalls or DDoS protection deployed to safeguard your applications and data, our dedicated NOC team will proactively collect all the activity and attempted attacks that occur against your infrastructure.

This detailed information is available real-time through our portals to provide you with full logging of activity along a complete picture of the threats, breach attempts and successful mitigation that is occurring.

Threat monitoring provides reassurance that your protection is working, as well as an early warning system for any attack methods or attack patterns that are trying to breach your defences.

Vulnerability Scanning

Automated vulnerability scanning from our dedicated Nessus platform will look for any areas of weakness in your public facing networks, applications and websites that require patching or securing along with a severity score, details of the vulnerability, and how to protect it.

System scans can be run as often as required, full reports of findings are automatically generated and are emailed to your nominated contacts for review.

If you process card holder data for payments, regular vulnerability scanning is a requirement of PCI:DSS compliance - our managed vulnerability scanning solution can help you meet those requirements as well as ensuring your systems are as secure as possible.

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